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Dream FM was a 1990s pirate radio station based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, that played a diverse range of dance music and was renowned for its professional style. It first broadcast on 104.9 FM in October 1992, changing to a simulcast on 99.9 FM then settling on FM 99.9 until early 1994 when it moved to 107.8 FM and could be received throughout Yorkshire.[1][2][3][4]

In 1995, Dream launched a campaign to become a legal station. However, despite a petition and public support, Dream would not secure a licence and instead one was awarded to Kiss 105. Dream was last heard around November 1995.

DJs and presenters on the station included Paul Taylor, Shock, Daisy & Havoc, Tantra [5] Countdown, Tony Walker, Chris Martin, Marc Leaf and Mark Dawson.