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Шаблон:Short description Шаблон:Infobox musical artist Drain is an American hardcore punk band formed in Santa Cruz, California in 2014. Beginning without any set musical style, the 2015 hiring of Sammy Ciaramitaro (vocals) and Cody Chavez (guitar, formerly bass) led the band to embracing the influence of hardcore and thrash metal. They have released two demos, three EPs and two full length albums. The New York Times credited them as one of the driving forces of American hardcore's "Rennaissance" in the 2020s.[1]


Drain was formed in 2014, by drummer Tim Flegal and a number of other students at the University of California, Santa Cruz who played a variety of different music styles. This lineup had fractured by 2015, leading to Sammy Ciaramitaro and Cody Chavez joining the band on vocals and bass, respectively. This introduction led to the band's sound becoming increasingly indebted to hardcore punk. Soon after, Chavez instead became the band's guitarist.[2] In 2016, they released their debut EP Over Thinking, which was followed the next year by the Time Enough at Last EP.[3] The band performed at Sound and Fury festival 2019, which caught the attention of Revelation Records, who soon signed the band.[4] On February 10, 2020 they announced their debut full-length album California Cursed, and released the single "Sick One".[5] The album was subsequently released on April 10, 2020.[6] On June 19, 2021, the band performed at a guerrilla-style show which around 2000 people attended in San Jose alongside Sunami, Gulch, Scowl, Xibalba and Maya Over Eyes.[7] On August 25, 2021, they released the single "Watch You Burn".[8] At the beginning of 2023, they toured Australia supporting Comeback Kid.[9] On February 7, 2023, they announced the release of their second album Living Proof and released the single "Evil Finds Light".[10] The following day the released a music video for the single.[11] From May 25 to June 24, they headlined a US tour.[12] Between August 3 and 19, they headlined a European tour.[13]

Musical style

Critics have categorized Drain's music as hardcore punk[14][15] and crossover thrash,[16][17] frequently incorporating elements of punk rock and thrash metal.[18] Bandcamp Daily writer David Anthony called the band "surf-thrash".[19] The band makes use of a more fun and upbeat sound than many of their contemporaries, Kerrang! credited this to vocalist Sammy Ciaramitaro and his "non-threatening look and his Golden Retriever energy".[20]

Tom Breiham of Stereogum called their music "old-school California fight music, with a generous whiff of ’80s thrash-metal".[5] Alternative Press writer Huw Baines called it "a mosh-primed mix of hardcore bounce and crossover thrash chaos".[21] Exclaim! writer Connor Atkinson said that "the band's sound is both old and new—the tough street grit of New York hardcore paired with the tasteful gloss of '80s thrash metal".[22]

They have cited influences including Black Flag, Blast,[23] Dark Angel, Exhorder, Slayer, Vio-lence and Testament.[24]


  • Tim Flegal – drums (2014–present)
  • Sammy Ciaramitaro – vocals (2015–present)
  • Cody Chavez – guitar (2016–present), bass (2016)
  • AJ Hoenings – bass (2022–present)


  • Aric Gibson – bass (2014–2016)
  • Patrick Delaney – guitar (2014–2016)
  • Josh Nunes – guitar (2014–2016)
  • Parker McClellan – guitar (2016–2017)
  • Justin Rhode – bass (2016–2020)
  • Mike "Dirt" Durrett – bass (2020–2022)

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 id:guitar      value:green        legend:Guitar
 id:bass        value:blue         legend:Bass
 id:drums       value:orange       legend:Drums
 id:studio      value:black        legend:Studio_Album
 id:demo        value:gray(0.5)    legend:Demo,_EP
 id:bars        value:gray(0.95)

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bar:Sammy  text:"Sammy Ciaramitaro"
bar:Pat    text:"Patrick Delaney"
bar:Parker text:"Parker McClellan"
bar:Josh   text:"Josh Nunes"
bar:Aric   text:"Aric Gibson"
bar:Cody   text:"Cody Chavez"
bar:Justin text:"Justin Rhode"
bar:Mike   text:"Mike Durrett"
bar:AJ     text:"AJ Hoenings"
bar:Tim    text:"Tim Flegal"


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bar:Sammy  from:02/01/2015 till:end        color:vocals
bar:Pat    from:start      till:10/01/2016 color:guitar
bar:Parker from:10/01/2016 till:10/01/2017 color:guitar
bar:Josh   from:start      till:10/01/2016 color:guitar
bar:Aric   from:start      till:10/01/2016 color:bass
bar:Cody   from:10/01/2016 till:12/01/2016 color:bass
bar:Cody   from:12/01/2016 till:end        color:guitar
bar:Justin from:12/01/2016 till:08/01/2020 color:bass
bar:Mike   from:08/01/2020 till:04/01/2022 color:bass
bar:AJ     from:04/01/2022 till:end        color:bass
bar:Tim    from:start      till:end        color:drums




  • Over Thinking (2016)
  • Time Enough at Last (2017)
  • Watch You Burn (2021)


  • Demo '15 (2015)
  • Swan Songs (2015)




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