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Drakens Gränd in 2019
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The portal and wall anchor of Number 6.

Drakens Gränd is an alley in Gamla stan, the old town of Stockholm, Sweden. Stretching from Skeppsbron to Österlånggatan, it forms a parallel street to Stora Hoparegränd and Ferkens Gränd.

It appears in historical records as Bredgränd (?), brede gränden (?), Makelerens gränd (17th century, after a Jacob Mac Leer), Bergsgränd (1686), Drakens gr[änd] (1728), Skultans gränd (?)[1][2][3]

The alley is named after the tavern Draken ("The Dragon") once found in the western end of the street. During the 1660s it was owned by a Melchior Schipman; in 1682 bought by Jöran Berg and renamed Förgyllda Draken ("Gilded Dragon"); and finally discontinued after the latter's death in 1722.[1][3]

The proletarian author Erik Asklund (1908–1980) wrote the novel Drakens gränd in 1965 as part of a trilogy.[4]

Drakens gränd is also the name of a company owned by King Carl XVI Gustav (1946-). The company appeared in Swedish media in early 2006, as a property in the alley owned by the king featured in transactions for which the king was accused of tax avoidance.[5]

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