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Dramanon (short for Dramatist Anonymous) is an English language theatre group that operates out of three cities in India: Manipal, Bangalore and Hyderabad.[1] Dramanon was founded in 1991 at Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), Manipal.[2] Additional chapters were formed in Bangalore,[1][3][4] and Hyderabad.

Dramanon Bangalore has staged productions that include The Original Last Wish Baby,[5] Pizzazz ,[6] Alarms and Excursions,[7] Sic,[8] and Elling.[2][9]

Dramanon Hyderabad productions have included 6, Dramanon's first original play which comprises six short stories.[10] Dramanon Hyderabad performed in the Samahaara Hyderabad Theatre and Short Film Festival 2010.[11]

Dramanon as a group also conducts workshops for the community as well as for the corporate companies with customized training modules.[12]



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