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Шаблон:Short description Шаблон:Infobox company The Draper Holdings Business Trust is a business trust company, located in Milton, Delaware.[1] It is led by Molly Draper Russell, who inherited the company from her father, Thomas Draper, upon his death in 2018.[2]

The philanthropic division of the trust, Draper Holdings Charitable Foundation, Inc., includes WBOC's "Bless Our Children" program which raised and distributed $343,536 in funds in 2022 "to help the children in need on Delmarva". An additional $213,500 was granted to "provide funding to tax-exempt charitable, religious, educations or scientific institutions".[3]

In 2007, Draper Holdings Business Trust donated a professional broadcast news set to the University of Maryland Eastern Shore to aid in the production of student programming. The set was previously used by WBOC-TV.[4]

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