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Dreams is an album by Philip Bailey released on Heads Up International Records in June 1999. The album peaked at No. 43 on the Billboard Top Jazz Albums chart.[1][2]


Dreams features guest appearances by artists such as Grover Washington Jr., George Duke, Kirk Whalum, Gerald Veasley, Marcus Miller, and Gerald Albright. On the album, Bailey covered Pat Metheny's "Something to Remind You", Bread's "Make It with You" and Earth, Wind & Fire's "Sailaway" which was featured on the band's 1980 album Faces.[3][4]

Track listing





  • Robert Brookins – producer, engineer
  • Eric Huber – producer, engineer
  • Morris Pleasure – producer
  • Dave Love – executive producer
  • Gerald Albright – engineer
  • Rick Braun – engineer
  • Wayne Holmes – engineer
  • Denny Jiosa – engineer
  • Mark Knox – engineer
  • Scott Noll – engineer
  • Joe Primeau – engineer
  • Reed Ruddy – engineer
  • Martin Walters – engineer
  • Peter White – engineer
  • Erik Zobler – engineer
  • Peter Figen – photography



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